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Iowa Governor Sees Rick Perry Running For President in 2012


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad says he thinks it's very likely that Texas Governor Rick Perry will jump into the GOP presidential race. POLITICO:

“My lieutenant governor’s gotten a call from him. He’s put out some feelers in Iowa. The sense is that it’s very likely he’s will enter the field,” said Branstad, who pointed to Perry’s economic record as a major political asset.

“Texas has been a superstar in economic development. You know, California’s demise has been to Texas’s benefit. They’re out there taking industry and business out of California every day,” Branstad said. “I think Texas has kind of led the way.”

Branstad is basing that opinion on a conversation the two governors had Friday.

Branstad tells The Associated Press that Perry says his family is encouraging him to run. Branstad says he expects Perry to visit Iowa, home of the first caucuses, within the next month.

Branstad is at the National Governors Association meeting in Salt Lake City, which Perry is skipping. Perry called Branstad as he gathers input about a potential run.

Perry has been making hundreds of calls to potential donors, activists and political figures around the country.

Some have speculated that if on the ballot, Perry could be very successful among Iowa voters for his stance on social issues and as a pro-business governor other than Mitt Romney. As governor of Texas Rick Perry has lead his state to the number one or two spot over the last five years in CNBC's annual "Top States for Business" ranking, and since assuming office in January 2001 Texas has had a 12.5 percent job-growth rate,  higher than the rate for any other state with a former governor in the 2012 presidential field.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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