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Giuliani ignores call from 'the president


Former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani was just getting started on criticizing President Obama's economic policies in New Hampshire on Saturday when his speech was interrupted by a ring from his cell phone. After looking at the phone's screen to see who was calling, he joked that it was Obama, according to the LA Times:

"This is the president calling me, telling me that I'm wrong, but I'm going to wait to call him back a little later," he said to laughter, punching a button to silence the ringing. "Man, they're monitoring everything nowadays."

Giuliani recently joined the list of Republicans to possibly jump into the 2012 field, including Gov. Rick Perry, Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin and, of course, Donald Trump.

When asked what he would do differently in a 2012 bid to avoid a campaign flop like he had in '08, Giuliani simply said: "Everything."

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