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Monday morning must-reads


Surprise: Obama's travel favors 2012 swing states

Killing bin Laden: A crime against humanity?

Russia condemns U.S. recognition of Libyan rebels

Beware of phony ethanol reform

Dems pushing new gun control measures

Moody's: Why don't you just ditch that whole 'debt ceiling' thing?

Republicans line up against McConnell fallback plan

Sen. Tom Coburn to unveil his own deficit-reduction plan

"Meet the Press" to host Republican "Facebook Debate" in New Hampshire

Gold hits $1,600/ounce

Did political staffers taint Dem ethics probes?

Author who debunked Obama insurance tale doesn't want to talk

No shame: Purported ‘Black Hawk Down’ participant admits he’s a fraud

CNN political analyst whines Obama hasn't been "transformational" president

A warning from the past... when our debt was a measly $5 trillion:

h/t Jim Treacher

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