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Justice issues ruling on... cooking chicken?

(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

There are strong arguments to be made from all sides on the best way to prepare poultry for human consumption. Just hope that you don't have to state your case in front of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who has already issued an opinion on the issue. The New York native was spotted just outside of DC on Tuesday having a passionate debate with a friend over the best way to cook chicken. Page Six reports:

"You need to place the chicken on the grill," Sotomayor's friend was adamantly insisting. But the argument didn't hold water with the judge, who shook her head and clearly objected. Instead, Sotomayor offered an alternate way to grill a bird.

The jury is still out on what method Sotomayor prefers, exactly, so we'll leave this case open for now.

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