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See the Video Anders Behring Breivik Posted Before the Norway Massacre


Norwegian bombing and shooting suspect Anders Behring Breivik is believed to have posted the following 12-minute video to YouTube just prior to the attacks, which claimed 93 lives.

The video, titled "2083 — A European Declaration of Independence" features a series of slides claiming Europe has become a slave to multiculturalism and is being overrun by Muslims. With the charge, "Onward, Christian Soldiers!" the video urges viewers to "Support the Resistance!" and be a part of the "Infidel Revolution" to banish Islam from Europe. The end includes images of Breivik dressed in a formal military uniform and in a wet suit pointing an assault rifle.

Breivik is also believed to have written a 1,518 page manifesto of the same title. An unverified copy of the manifesto can be viewed on this site here.

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