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David Wu should leave Congress -- NOW

Rep. David Wu, D-Oregon

As Billy noted on the homepage, Democratic Rep. David Wu plans to resign his seat in Congress amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. However, while he insists that the well-being of his children "must come before anything else," Wu says he won't step down until after the ongoing debt debate resolves itself.

Why is he sticking around? Why wait to resign? Any resolution to the current stand-off likely won't be a close vote, requiring Wu's vote to pass.

I've also seen a number of people comparing Wu to recently disgraced New York Democrat Anthony Weiner who resigned after he sent inappropriate pictures of himself to strangers he met on the internet. Like Weiner, Wu is married, but Weiner's transgressions were reportedly mutual exchanges.

Wu is no Weiner -- instead, he faces very serious allegations of an aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter, i.e. rape or sexual assault.

I believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty, however this isn't Wu's first go-around with scandalous and downright bizarre behavior. Why are his colleagues not asking him to leave immediately?

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