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Fox vs. White House Round 2: Carney Draws 'OOOOHs' Again After Jabbing Fox Reporter


"I know you're creating a thing here for Fox."

One day after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had a verbal sparring match with new Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry, Carney accused Henry of trying to create "a thing here for Fox" when Henry asked again about when the White House would submit its own debt plan to the Congressional Budget Office.

"We can do this again," Carney said when Henry pointed out that both Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) had submitted their plans to the CBO.

"Has the Speaker of the House shown you the positions that he took in detail in negotiations that were designed to actually achieve a compromise as opposed to have a showboat?" Carney challenged. "We put forward a budget, we put forward a framework."

When Henry continued to press about why a specific plan hadn't been introduced as a bill, Carney interrupted him.

"I think I've answered the question," Carney said. "I know you're creating a thing here for Fox."

"That's not what I'm doing, and you know better than that," Henry replied as a few laughs and "OOOOHs" were heard in the room.

Watch the rest of the exchange below:

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