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Archaeologists Unearth ‘Priestly’ Jesus-Era Gold Bell in Jerusalem


Archaeologists in Jerusalem have uncovered a rare gold bell that is believed to date back to Jesus' time. The tiny bell -- which still works -- may have fallen off of a priestly garment. The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has more:

"It's not one bell that was on the coat. It was more than 70 bell[s] that [were] on the coat. The man was walking with that bell on his coat," Israel Antiquities Authority head archaeologist Eli Shukronof told CBN News.

"Everyone heard [him] when he was coming. [The bells] make a small noise, you know, it's not a big noise, just to give some respect to the man," he said.

The bell was uncovered while archaeologists were excavating an ancient drainage channel. The area being examined begins at the pool of Siloam and spreads to an area near the Western Wall called Robinson's Arch. CNB continues:

That's where Jewish worshippers would have entered the Temple Mount in the time of Jesus. The bell has a tiny loop at the top. It would have been attached to the garment of a wealthy person.

Below, watch the CBN report for more about this astounding find:

While the bell could, indeed, be from anyone and not necessarily a religious leader, the Bible explicitly mentions gold bells in this context in Exodus 28:33. It is in this portion of the scriptures that the robe of Aaron, the high priest, is described as follows:

"Upon its hem, you shall make pomegranates of blue, purple, and scarlet, all around its hem; and bells of gold between them all around."

Experts cannot be sure that it belonged to a priest, but considering its find near a place of worship, it's quite possible. At the least, the item likely dates back thousands of years and can help scientists better understand the times.

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