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Monday evening must-reads


They have a deal, but will it pass?

Debt deal not polling so well

Keith Hennessey: Quick summary of the Budget Control Act

National defense is first industry hit by debt deal

Compromise? Deal marks largest debt limit increase in U.S. history

House GOP breaks its own pledge

Pelosi on debt deal: "Not one red cent from the wealthiest people"

The debt ceiling & the Constitution

Obama gets back on the campaign trail

In the midst of financial demise, Americans maintain their senses of humor

Can we avoid this mess in the future?

10 ways to tell if we're in a double-dip recession

Gallup: Conservatism is on the rise once again

Are Newt Gingrich's Twitter followers... fake?

Happy Ramadan from the Obamas

Who was the Nanny of the Month in July?

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