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Ooooh My God': Snake on Windshield Triggers Highway Freak Out


"Usually, snakes don't freak me out that much, but I was clenching everything."

So what would you do if you were driving down the highway and you happened to see a snake slithering across your windshield? If you're Rachel Fisher of Memphis, TN you'll scream. If you're her husband Tony, you'll whip out a camera and record the whole thing:

The New York Daily News reports on what happened:

Rachel Fisher, 26, was at the wheel going about 65 miles an hour as the sizeable snake slid across her windshield. Her husband recorded 2 minutes and 24 seconds of the spectacle as she alternated between girly screams and nervous giggles.

"Ooooh my God. Oh my God. Oh my god," she says, while their three children - Elizabeth, 3, Judah, 2 ½, and Rivers, 4 months - babble from the backseat of their GMC Yukon.

The family was traveling from Fisher's parents' house in Cordova, a suburb east of Memphis, into the city. They had been driving for about 15 minutes, when Tony, a 29-year-old financial planner and church worship minister, noticed their unseemly visitor.

"Usually, snakes don't freak me out that much, but I was clenching everything," Rachel added. "It was really weird. I mean, didn't know what the heck it was."

The couple thinks the snake had crawled up into the engine compartment the night before and then emerged once it got too hot.

Jalopnik identifies the creepy crawler as a rat snake, not a poisonous water moccasin as Tony originally says.

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