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People Angry at Wall Street Stage Naked Protest in NYC


"It didn't look like art."

A group of 50 artists and supporters angry with Wall Street descended lower Manhattan this morning dressed as bankers only to quickly strip down and then disappear within minutes. Metro New York report:

"By 7:03 am they were naked.

By 7:05 am they were clothed, disappeared and the performance, the vision of Zefrey Throwell, was finished.

'I'm trying to illuminate a dark cranny in the financial world,' said Throwell, 35, an artist and self-proclaimed 'troublemaker' who lives in Chinatown.

Throwell organized the performance after watching his mother lose her entire life savings in the stock market crash of 2008 and then saw Wall Street remain the same.

'Its been three years and nothing has changed,' Throwell said. 'It's still mysterious.'"

The "performers" stuck it to the man by stripping from Trinity Church down to the Water at South Street. While some performers call it art, witnesses disagree:

"Angelo Sarango, 32, a window cleaner from New Jersey was working on Wall Street when he saw the performance.

'It didn't look like art,' Sarango said. 'People do that all the time on the subway.'"

There are video out there, but we won't show them to. At least three of the performers were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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