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NY Bus Driver Fired for Rescuing Detectives During Violent Hail Storm


“Do I leave these three police officers, due to company policy?"

What did a Long Island bus driver receive after he helped three police officers who were stranded during a fierce hail storm? A pink slip, naturally.

George Daw, a school bus driver, lost his job Monday after he "rescued" the officers and then transported them to safety. The incident unfolded during a violent storm last week. WCBS-TV has more:

Daw snapped pictures as a near-monsoon moved through New Hyde Park. Traffic was stopped, cars were submerged and drivers panicked.

Daw finally freed his yellow SUV school bus — with his one single child passenger aboard — amid sudden cries for help from three Nassau County police detectives.

So, he responded to their calls for help. Rather than receiving the accolades he expected for his efforts, the driver was let go for violating company policy. Part of the problem may have been rooted in the fact that he was transporting a child during the incident. His notice of termination read, in part:

“Employee endangered welfare of student he was transporting when he picked up three unauthorized passengers.”...“Employee made decision to drive through large body of water.”

In an interview with WCBS-TV, the former bus driver got emotional:

“Do I leave these three police officers, due to company policy? I didn’t even second guess it. I told the child to jump in the back, these people are coming on board. I had to get them.”

Watch a WNBC-TV interview with Daw, below, for more:

While Daw is now unemployed, he claims he wouldn't hesitate to help the police again if he found himself in a same situation. At least one detective related to the squad has apologized for any of the negative consequences that resulted from the incident.

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