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Report: Soros Used to Seat Ex-Girlfriend at Kids' Table


"She didn't look too happy."

George Soros used to seat his ex-girlfriend -- yes, the one who's suing him for $50 million -- at the children's table when he hosted Sunday brunches in the Hamptons, according to a new report.

A friend of the 81-year-old billionaire told the Daily: "He always had one table for the men, one for the women, and one for the kids. The Brazilian was always seated at the kids' table, and she didn't look too happy."

Former soap star Adriana Ferreyr, 28, filed a lawsuit this week for $50 million, accusing Soros of reneging on a promise to buy her an apartment in New York City -- a disclosure that allegedly prompted an assault in which she said Soros slapped, choked and threw a lamp at her.

A source who has attended one of Soros' brunches told the Daily they recalled Ferreyr wearing an expensive wristwatch that "didn't go with her $15 string bikini."

Ferreyr also apparently didn't like it when Soros spoke to other women: "Her nickname could be 'Determined,'" the source said.

Soros allegedly told one friend: "What I do in the nighttime is my own business. [Ferreyr] is only for nighttime."

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