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More Teen Violence: Shooting at K.C. Plaza Injures 3 While Mayor Ducks for Cover


Considering a curfew for all those under 18.

Shots ripped across a crowded plaza in Kansas City on Saturday night,  striking three teenagers and forcing a nearby city Mayor Sly Jones to hit the deck for cover with his bodyguards.

Fortunately, nobody was killed by the attack on the Country Club Plaza, though two young males were wounded and a female was grazed by a bullet on her cheek.

But the shooting has deeply troubled residents of Kansas City because the city's mayor was on site during the shooting with a team of community organizers, and the area is known as a major congregation area for unsupervised youth. Approximately 500 people were present at the plaza during the shooting, reports the Kansas City Star, and hundreds of those present were young teens.

Given the environment across the country of youth riots and flash mobs, many fear that unless something is done, there could be worse violence on the horizon. With that in mind, Kansas City may now follow suit with cities such as Philadelphia that have instituted curfews for those under age 18. Kansas City already has a curfew in place, but it may lower it, and increase enforcement efforts.

With teen unemployment in cities like D.C. above 50%, and social media allowing disaffected youth to spread resentment and organize their own riots, more urban centers like Kansas City may decide to institute increasingly drastic measures to prevent the further contagion of mob violence across the country.

Watch the video below for more details, courtesy of Fox 4 Kansas City:

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