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Hit Job? Controversial Pics Portray Bachmann, Perry, & ‘Corn Dogs’


"[T]his photo is very DISRESPECTFUL!"

The attack on Michele Bachmann by the mainstream media was obvious to anyone who saw the unflattering Newsweek Magazine cover. Now, thanks to a delicious fast-food staple served at State Fairs all across America, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry have found themselves being ridiculed in photos published all over the globe. From the liberal Daily Kos to the largest selling newspaper in London -- The Telegraph -- and even a Texas publication called The Dallas Voice, the conservative candidates are being mocked. In fact, some have even called Perry's sexual preference called into question.

It all seemed to start with the Telegraph's photo of Congresswoman and top-tier GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann that appears to be questionable in its selection. Seriously, what could possibly be the rationale for publishing this shot of the Minnesota congresswoman?

The response to the picture on the Telegraph's website has been significant, garnering support and complaints. Several posts from women who are not fans of Ms. Bachmann take exception to the image:

This picture is offensive. She's a disgusting human being but there is no need to have accompanied the article with such a blatantly sexually suggestive picture - she's a politician and this is a crude, low blow.

Another pro-Bachmann comment from a non-Bachmann fan named Majorie:

I am a die-hard liberal, who last time around had two gigantic home-made plywood Obama signs in my yard, and I can't stand Bachmann. That said, she still deserves to be treated with human decency.

And finally, a reader who goes by the curious name of "ClowardPiven" said the following:

For one, I only sympathize with Ms. Bachmann because she is a woman and this photo is very DISRESPECTFUL!  It is offensive to me as a woman!  It should be offensive to every woman no matter what her political affiliation!

Someone named "Hurricane" clarified the situation with this comment:

...yet if i waved around a picture of barney frank doing exactly what Michele Bachmann is doing in the above picture, i'd be called  a homophobe.

The above snapshot was taken by the Telegraph's US Editor, Tony Harnden. Mr. Harnden's work has been quoted on The Blaze  in the past and while his work has seemed even-handed, this photo seems to stray from his usual fairness, especially considering it was the only picture used in conjunction with Harnden's preview of the Iowa straw poll.

Mr. Harden has been contacted via email and asked to justify his choice of photos. As of publication time, he has not responded.

Not to be outdone, the Daily Kos, using the headline "GOP Candidates Gone Wild," posted another corn-dog-eating photo of Michele Bachmann, as well as one of her husband Marcus (with the caption "Totally Butch"), and this one of Texas Governor Rick Perry:

The Daily Kos ends their photo assassination of the candidates by stating:

And yes, in case you suddenly started wondering—there are long-running persistent rumors that Rick Perry is gay.

The Perry photo was also featured on the cover of The Dallas Voice with the headline:

PIC OF THE DAY: Gov. Rick Perry deep throats corn dog at Iowa State Fair

You make the call, is this fair coverage? What would the complaints sound like if Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or Barney Frank were displayed as these candidates have been shown?

UPDATE: CNN has joined the discussion of the "Corn Dog Conspiracy" - We bring you "Inside Edition" host Debra Norville, funny lady Beth Littleford and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock weighing in on the questionable photos and the media spin.

(H/T - Fark.com)

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