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Low-Speed Chase': TX Cops Chase Drunk, Shirtless Man on Stolen Forklift


There are high-speed chases of the O.J. Simpson variety. And then there are low-speech chases like the one you're about to see. It's not just any low-speed chase, mind you: it centers around a drunken, shirtless man on a stolen forklift.

The man apparently stole the massive piece of equipment before leading police on a wile chase around Ft. Worth, Texas. A couple guys getting gas happened to see the events unfolding and pulled out a camera. And as with many things these days, it all ended up on YouTube:

[Content WARNING: Contains inappropriate language]

KDFW-TV reports the man, 43-year-old Timothy Raines, was charged with a litany of crimes when he was finally arrested on the interstate, including theft, aggravated assault on a peace officer, and driving while intoxicated.

You can watch an edited version of some of the above videos below, included in a KDFW news report on the incident:

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