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Beck Blasts Boehner After Rep. Walsh Says House Members Banned From Israel Event


Beck: Boehner "should be ashamed" for blocking Republicans

Glenn Beck had some strong words for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) Thursday after Rep. Joe Walsh said a group of congressmen that wanted to attend next week's Restoring Courage event in Israel were barred from doing so by the House Ethics Committee.

Speaking on Beck's radio program, the Illinois Republican said the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation was going to sponsor a mission for several representatives to go to Israel, meet with officials and join Beck at the event.

"Lo and behold, ethics yesterday said -- did not approve the trip," Walsh said. "They said your portion of the fact-finding mission had the appearance of a political event, they told me. They said there wasn’t enough meeting time built into the schedule and they identified the Israeli Allies Caucus Foundation as a lobbying group currently lobbying Congress on legislation when, in fact, they’re a 501(c)3 charity."*

When reached by phone, Dan Schwager, staff director and chief counsel for the House Ethics Committee told The Blaze confidentiality barred him from discussing the matter.

"We are not permitted to speak about individual matters so I cannot address any of those allegations," Schwager said.

On the air, Beck said he'd heard it was Boehner's office that was not approving members of Congress to attend the event, with 35 representatives at one point planning to attend before being told they'd been rejected by the House and would have to self-fund the trip if they wanted to go.

Beck wondered whether the congressmen were barred because "it is me as someone who holds the Republicans' feet to the fire" or as retribution for voting against the debt ceiling deal.

"If that's what's letting Speaker Boehner stand in the way of people coming to Israel at this critical time -- I'm just not sure what Speaker Boehner had in mind there but it's an interesting policy," he said.

After he finished speaking with Walsh, Beck turned his next comments directly to Boehner:

“This has been going on now for a couple of weeks and I haven’t said anything because I wanted it to play out in the system, but Speaker Boehner, you should be ashamed of yourself. The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t have to attend my event. Let them come to our biggest ally and the only friend we still have in the Middle East in their hour of need. They don’t have to attend my event, in fact I'll ban them, does that make you happy? Let Congress come here. You should be ashamed of yourself for playing politics, and that's what it is Boehner, and you know it.

“There are so many people, good people, that are in the Republican Party trying to fight for common sense values, trying to hold some semblance of the line of America, trying to hold together what little credibility we have overseas, but the Republicans would much rather punish ‘bad Republicans’. Good for you, Speaker Boehner, good for you."

You can watch Beck's passionate remarks below:

At press time, The Blaze was unable to reach a representative from Boehner's office.

*Beck noted on radio that those Congressman who were planning on coming were going to pay for the trip out of their own pocket.

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