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Updated: Obama's New Executive Order = Obama's 'Dream Act


"What he can't do legislatively, he's trying to do administratively or through Executive Orders."

House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith claims that President Barack Obama's new Executive Order that stopped automatic deportation of illegal aliens is more than just a back-door passage of the "Dream Act" but actually something that undermines both the Legislative and the Judicial branches of our government.  According to Rep. Smith, the new order permits:

- hundred of thousands of illegals to be given work authorizations, allowing them to compete with Americans for jobs

- a presidential task force to decide who receives amnesty and who does not, creating even more bureaucracy in Washington

- the reversal of a judge's decision to send a person back to their home country

As reported here on Thursday, President Obama signed another controversial Executive Order before jetting off to nine days of vacation on Martha's Vineyard. This latest order stopped the automatic deportation of illegal aliens and appears to some in Congress as the President bypassing Congress and effectively creating laws through imposing regulations. With this latest order, President Obama has now created more regulations in 2 1/2 years than any other President has done in the same time frame.

Texas Congressman Smith is one of many in Congress who are concerned over this end-run around the Constitution. Yesterday, Rep. Smith spoke with syndicated radio talk radio host Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo of WOAI News Radio 1200 and was quite specific about the problems he believes will be created by this latest executive order.

The President tried to tell us that he was going to do this. Less than a month ago, while speaking to the National Council of La Raza, Mr. Obama joked about "going it alone."

H/T  - Joe Pags,  WOAI and Weasel Zippers

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