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Libyan Rebel Steals Hat, Gold Scepter from Gadhafi's Bedroom!


"I'm sure they're going to shake our hands tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

Days after rebel forces take over Libya's capital city of Tripoli, journalists are starting to hear some interesting stories.

Here's one example from Mediaite: A man explains how he found himself in Muammar Gaddafi's bedroom and came away with some new extravagant accessories. Among his new possessions are a general’s hat, a huge gold chain and a solid gold scepter.

"It wasn't really pretty hard," a happy rebel told a reporter from Sky News, who was wearing a headpiece of her own (a protective metal helmet). "I just went inside his room, Gaddafi's bedroom, and I was like, oh my God, I'm in Gaddafi's room, oh my God."

He went on to say he was happy for Libyans and to thank the other countries who have supported his own nation through its struggles.

The interview took an emotional turn when the rebel started talking about friends and fellow rebels who had died fighting Gaddafi forces and who now couldn't see the success he was so proud of. "God loved them more than me maybe because they're next to God," he said.

With the sound of popping guns in the background, the rebel spoke about revenge. He told the Sky News reporter, he would like to see Libya move forward, work together with former Gaddafi supporters and shake their hands, rather than take violent actions against them.

"We want justice, only justice. We're a simple people, we don't like to have these kinds of things," he said.

"Their punishment," an armed rebel standing by chimed in.

"What is their punishment?" the reporter asked.

"We want them in Libya here --" said another onlooking rebel.

"You want a trial, you want to put them on trial," the reporter said.

"Yes, a fair trial," agreed the original source, still wearing the glamorous general's hat he stole from Gaddafi's bedroom.

The rebel speaks about his satisfaction with the United Nations and in more detail about his experiences in this video:

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