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Md. Teen Arrested as 'Jihad Jane' Co-Conspirator Allegedly Planned Columbine-Style Attack


"we were shooting randomly at a huge crowd of kids."

A Maryland teen pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring with Colleen LaRose, a Pennsylvania woman also known as "Jihad Jane." (AP File Photo)

A Maryland teenager arrested for allegedly conspiring with the Philadelphia-area woman known as "Jihad Jane" spoke about plotting a Columbine-style school attack in a jihadist chat room, according to documents.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Mohammad K. was 17 and a senior in high school when he wrote messages to a friend in western Pennsylvania late last year. His full name is not being used because he is a minor.

"I had a lot of thoughts about you today," he wrote. "About us both doing martyrdom operations together in my school. ... It was like we both were in a big truck and had guns and we were shooting randomly at a huge crowd of kids."

The friend, Pennsylvania State University student Emerson Begolly, is the same man The Blaze reported on in January, who was arrested for having contact with people accused of terror-related crimes and was shown in a video firing an AK-47 while shouting "Allahu akbar!"

During the Nov. 22 chat, Mohammed told Begolly he lived near National Security Agency headquarters in Fort Meade, Md.

"The place where I live is a HOTBED of NSA and all the security agencies of Amrika [sic]," Mohammed wrote. "And the kids who study in my school proudly state that their parents work in NSA and FBI, and even carry key chains - piss me off."

"Like Columbine?" Begolly asked.

"Na'am, lol" Mohammed wrote, using the Arabic word for "yes" and Internet slang for "laughing out loud."

It could not be determined Saturday whether the authorities took any immediate action based on the threatening remarks, which were reported to the FBI by an anti-jihadist group's blog, "The Jawa Report."

According to the Associated Press, Mohammad was secretly arrested last month and charged with soliciting funds and recruits for 48-year-old Colleen LaRose, who dubbed herself "Jihad Jane." LaRose has pleaded guilty to charges she plotted to kill a Swedish artist who offended Muslims and faces a possible life sentence.

Mohammad had accepted a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins University for this fall but remains in custody.

According to LaRose's indictment, she met the teen online when he was 15. He came to the U.S. four years ago from Pakistan and lived with his strict, education-focused family in suburban Baltimore. His older brother is a college student, and his parents are legal residents.

The indictment said he solicited money for LaRose online and circulated a questionnaire to at least one woman asking about "her beliefs and intentions with regard to jihad," and if she had a European passport.

In soliciting funds, he said he would forward money to LaRose, for her to pass on to the jihadists, authorities said.

"I know the sister and by Allah, all money will be transferred to her. The sister will then transfer the money to the brother via a method that I will not disclose," he wrote in July 2009, according to the indictment.

He is the rare juvenile to be charged or held in federal custody. His case is pending and may be moved to adult court when he turns 18 next month.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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