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Horrifying Video: Gadhafi Compound Nanny Describes Graphic Torture


Boiling Water poured on her for refusing to beat toddler.

As the debate on the wisdom of the Libyan coup continues, one thing is beyond doubt- Gadhafi and his closest minions were deeply depraved sociopaths.

In this video footage from CNN, you see the grotesque dichotomy that defines many mid-east dictators: immense material opulence alongside the darkest forms of cruelty.

The footage begins with an inside look at one of the Gadhafi family's garish seaside villas. This one belonged to Hannibal Gadhafi, though rebel forces have now pillaged the stores of fine liquor and countless western luxuries that were once inside.

But the video segment quickly turns to a horrific story that illustrates the moral depravity of the Gadhafi family.

In an interview with a 30 year old Ethiopian nanny for Hannibal's toddler, you see the terrible scarring and infected wounds all over her head. The nanny, Shweigar Mullah, was tortured by Hannibal's wife Aline for refusing to beat Hannibal's toddler for crying.

Ms. Mullah was forced into a bathtub where her hands were bound, and boiling water was poured on her head.

She was denied medical treatment, and even after escaping to a hospital, was brought back to the compound by Hannibal Gadhafi to suffer.

The video, courtesy of CNN is Below: (Editor's Warning: deeply disturbing and graphic)

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