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Yvonne the German Cow Turns Herself in After Three Months on the Run


"...apparently got tired of the loneliness."

Last week The Blaze reported that Yvonne -- a cow that escaped slaughter and was on the run in the Germany for three months -- was still at large. Well, the search for the renegade cow ended anticlimactically: she essentially turned herself in .

Over the weekend, authorities suspended the search for Yvonne until October. Yvonne must have sensed when she was off the hook and moseyed onto a farmer's land. The farmer turned her over to the Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary where she's now munching peacefully on her cud. The Guardian shares some background:

Having been fattened up for slaughter, the six-year-old brown dairy cow escaped from her field in the village of Zangberg, 50 miles north-east of Munich, on 24 May. She managed to breach the electric fence surrounding her farm before seeking sanctuary in nearby forests. She led a quiet life grazing among the fir trees until she was nearly involved in a collision with a passing police car.

Following her escape the cow became, in the words of one newspaper, "a kind of freedom fighter for the animal loving German republic". As word of her escapades spread, animal protection activists got involved, incensed that local hunters had been given permission to shoot Yvonne on sight. Gut Aiderbichl, an animal sanctuary over the Austrian border in Salzburg, agreed to buy Yvonne from the farm for €600.

According to AP, the cow "apparently got tired of the loneliness," the local council in Muehldorf said in a statement. The Guardian also reports that Yvonne's pasture will have a paddock.

Her Facebook friends wish her well: "I hope they treat you like the princess that you are."

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