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Gay Rights Activists Launch Glitter 'Attack' From Ski Lift


...dumped glitter...while shouting "Equality for all!" and "Where's our booth?"

Gay rights activists are continuing to "glitterize" their opponents. The Blaze has covered these assaults in sequence. So far, we've seen glitter dumped on Newt GingrichTim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and in the waiting room at the Bachmann & Associates clinic. Now, a new attack involves some creatively unconventional antics.

The story can be summarized as follows: At the Minnesota State Fair, LGBT equality activists took to a ski lift to drop glitter on the Minnesota For Marriage booth. But the devil is, of course, in the details. Apparently, this wasn't a random attack. Aside from their disagreement over issues pertaining to marriage equality, the activists had another bone to pick.

According to ThinkProgress, the glitter attack was launched after the fair purportedly gave the anti-gay marriage group last-minute booth space. But Minnesotans United for All Families (a pro-gay marriage group) was allegedly not afforded a spot at the fair.

So, activists hopped on the ski lift, traveled over the anti-gay marriage advocates and spilled glitter on them, while shouting "Equality for all!" and "Where's our booth?"

Watch the entire incident unfold, below:

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