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See How a Wild New 'Augmented Reality Mirror' Can Alter Your Face Before Your Eyes


"[It] tracks features . . . and warps the video to make them larger or smaller."

If you ever wished you had a new face but didn't want to undergo invasive plastic surgery, there's an easier way.

As reported by New Scientist, an augmented reality mirror will change the way you look by subtly altering your features. Watch it work here:

For now, the "mirror" is really a webcam and software created by Vlado Kitanovski and Ebroul Izquierdo of the Multimedia and Vision research group at Queen Mary, University of London. New Scientist reports that this software is superior to other augmented reality software because it uses the actual features of the face, instead of synthetic images:

It creates a 3D model of the user's face that tracks features such as the mouth or nose and warps the video to make them larger or smaller.

So even though this mirror could allow you to see yourself in a different light without invasive procedures, the developers actually hope it will have an application in plastic surgery or makeup application, helping users visualize how they would look.

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