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‘Socialist’: Media Largely Ignore Ideological Declaration by Killer of Five in West Virginia

"Even a mule tries to kicks its oppressor, come on human beings stand up!"

On Tuesday, The Blaze posted extensive reports on the mass shootings in both Nevada and West Virginia.

Both stories involved elements regarding the U.S. military.  In Nevada, of course, many of the victims were in the National Guard.  The gunman's motives, though, are still not entirely clear.

The shooter in West Virginia, who killed five people (and also an unborn fetus) in one home, seemed to voice a variety of grievances including some anger at having been rejected for military service.

Shayne Riggleman's murderous actions are getting a great deal of media attention; however, few media outlets are including Riggleman's self-declaration of his Socialist ideology.

Shayne Riggleman shared a great deal of his thoughts, feelings and pictures on his Facebook page.

West Virginia MetroNews notes some of what he posted in the days before the massacre:

Shayne Riggleman's most recent Facebook entry read, "Why wouldn't they let me join the military? I'm fully capable, and there was no career for me!" The post was made around 5:00 Monday afternoon.

A post at 5:43pm Sunday from his mobile phone read as if it was directed to somebody in particular, "and on ur machine I slur a plea for u to come home, but i know it's too late. i should have given u a reason to stay. - deathcab for cutie."

Previous posts also indicated a troubled and disturbed individual.  Riggleman's posts of September 2nd.  "Revenge is a dish best served cold and God is the chef." and "There is a direct corelation between the amount of love you have for someone and how crazy you go when you lose them."

A day earlier, he posted this message in his status. "Even a mule tries to kicks its oppressor, come on human beings stand up!"

Riggleman's motives for murder may never fully be known.  His ex-girlfriend, Brittany Harwood, is saying that Riggleman was bipolar and not taking his medication:

Harwood shared her story with The Dominion Post and cited one incident in June, before she broke up with Riggleman, in which he reportedly threatened to go on a killing spree. She said she didn't tell anyone at the time because she was afraid he would hurt her.

"He said, 'I'm going to go on a shooting rampage and kill a bunch of people,' " she said. "He wanted to feel the power of being able to take someone's life."

Harwood said she thought Riggleman was serious and said he was trying to get guns. He also had previously threatened to shoot her and then kill himself, she said.

She broke up with him in August, after a three-month relationship that started when the two met at a local pet shop -- both were buying supplies for their Rottweilers. Harwood said Riggleman, who she said was bipolar and not taking his medications, began stalking her and would call her all the time.

Riggleman was also apparently upset about Harwood's friendship with one of the victims.

Still, with all the scrutiny given to mass killers in this country, very few reports have noted Riggleman's ideology.

His Facebook profile describes him as "agnostic" and "socialist."

If you search "Shayne Riggleman" in Google News you will get about 500 story listings.  But if you add the words "Facebook" and "socialist" -- you will only get two:

Both are from the same source.

Now, Riggleman's ideology may have nothing to do with his actions.  And it is never wise to blame the insane actions by disturbed people on their political parties or orientations.  But the media has done so time and time again if there is even a mention that a disturbed killer has ever listened to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or watched Fox News.

If Riggleman had listed "Tea Party" as his political orientation, would that have been in every headline?

If conservatives had protested, saying that the declaration of a Tea Party orientation had nothing to do with the crimes, would reporters have stopped including it?

In the end, Riggleman made horrific choices that may have had nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with cruelty:

Three other posts from September 1 seem to indicate he was leaning toward something horrific:

"I mate for life, not like a penguin though. I mate for life like a praying mantis."

"We're not promised tomorrow..."

"I can't catch all of you, but I can make an example out of a couple!" Seriously people be way nicer and more understanding to others. I mean we're just human we make mistakes."

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