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Tuesday evening must-reads


Scamming the government may be an easier business than dealing drugs

Pot, meet kettle: AFL-CIO's Trumka complains about "sleazy" Republicans

Raising a child does not take a village

Bin Laden's last message to America: Beware capitalism?

Uh oh: U.S. air traffic system vulnerable to cyber attack

The Solyndra scandal continues; execs to testify on Capitol Hill next week

Duh: Swing voters are skeptical of Obama

Newt Gingrich highlights America's internal security crisis

Flashback: Tim Russert & Chris Matthews discuss Social Security "ponzi scheme"

Is Rick Perry's spending record a liability?

Sarah Palin slams Perry for "crony capitalism"

Gallup: Mitt Romney is closing the leader gap

Michael Yon: Afghan faces

Turkey says it's prepared for war with Israel

Press corps laughs at White House defense of Obama policies:

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