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Wednesday morning must-reads


Obama's approval plummets on jobs plan

Senate Democrat makes the case for another stimulus: groceries in space?

Total cost could soar to over $600 billion

Oh joy: Obama's push for jobs act will last months, officials say

Robert Reich admits Obama's jobs bill was "never really serious"

Obama's bill makes it illegal to discriminate against unemployed

Social Security is a "ponzi scheme" according to... Paul Krugman

Ridiculous NY-09 spin: “It’s a very difficult district for Democrats”

Court orders teacher to remove "God Bless America" sign

U.S. scrambles to avert UN vote on Jimmy Carter-endorsed Palestinian statehood

Is al-Qaeda "incapable" of carrying out attacks?

Taliban and NATO wage a Twitter war

Why does the federal government subsidize video game production?

Paul Ryan explains 3 easy steps in pro-growth tax reform:

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