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Perry gets the Palin treatment by Time mag


It's the question that has haunted Sarah Palin since the 2008 presidential election: What do you read?

This go-around it was Rick Perry who was asked and by Time magazine rather than Katie Couric. A bigger difference, Perry's answer was a tad more specific than Palin's.

From the interview:

Beside the Bible or other religious texts, which book has influenced you most over the last decade?

I don’t know about influencing me the most — I’m reading a couple of books on China right now that are most interesting. After a trip to Beijing and Shanghai and Taiwan, I realized how important that region of the world is to America and to the world. So [Henry] Kissinger’s book on China, I’m wading through it, and I’m reading another book by Aaron Friedberg [A Contest for Supremacy] that is a really fine read about China, their very long view of the world and our need to really pay attention to what’s going on in that part of the world.

Also in the back-and-forth, Perry says the policies coming from the Obama administration are "on its face, socialism," and, again, calls Social Security an Ponzi scheme.

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