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Oprah… Please come back, all is forgiven!


I never thought I would be begging Oprah Winfrey to come back to daytime television, but here I am, on September 16, 2011, BEGGING on a public forum for Ms. Winfrey to end her retirement and come home to the millions of us who are being tortured by her replacement.

This is not about Oprah's "Favorite Things" or free car giveaways... we don't need free stuff... We just need TV that is not THIS:

The new Fall TV season started this week and one of the prime contenders for the massive audience left in the lurch by Oprah's departure from daytime is the Dr. Oz Show. The strange reality here is that Dr. Oz was an Oprah discovery... like Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, and Nate Berkus.

I happened to be home on Thursday afternoon and saw a promo for Dr. Oz's upcoming show. An entire hour dedicated to "pee and poop."

Of course I DVR'd it.

Dr. Oz had an audience full of excited folks who were asked to bring a sample of their own urine and a photo of their. . . well... you know.

I tried to watch the show, but only made it through the first segment... it ended with this tease to commercials.

OPRAH!  I know you're out there. Seriously... TV needs you.

Come back.

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