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We've Got Jesus' Chant Reportedly Sends High School Football Coach Into a Rage


"We've got girls!"

Last Friday, Tom Bolden, the head coach of the Cincinnati Colerain high school football team, allegedly screamed at student supporters of an opposing team after they chanted "We've got Jesus!"

When the game between Colerain and St. Xavier Catholic concluded (Xavier won after Colerain missed a 45-yard field goal attempt during the last minute of the game), Bolden was reportedly so frustrated by the Christ-centered chants that he "charged out of his team’s huddle" and allegedly unleashed on the winning team's student supporters.

According to sources who were at the event, the "We've got Jesus" chants were in response to an initial taunt from the Colerain student section -- "We've got girls!"

See, Xavier is an all-male school, so Colerain's chant was likely uttered in an attempt to tease the opposition over its homogeneous makeup. While the chant, itself, is somewhat of a non-story, Bolden's purported outburst isn't.

Below, watch him explain his frustration with the "We've got Jesus chant" (unfortunately the outburst, itself, wasn't captured):

In your opinion, who should be ashamed -- the coach or the students invoking Jesus' name in their chant? Let us know in the comments section.

(h/t NBC's Off the Bench)

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