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Awkward: Bachmann makes ‘pray away the gray’ joke on Leno


Michele Bachmann made her debut on the "Tonight Show" Friday and that issue about her Christian clinic she runs with her husband came up again.

"Now, you and your husband, you run this clinic. What do you call the therapy? Reparative?," Jay Leno asked.

"No, it's a Christian counseling clinic that we have," said Bachmann. And then it got a little awkward.

"Well, that whole 'pray the gay away' thing. I don't get that," Leno said.

Bachmann responded, "When I heard that, I really thought it was kind of a midlife crisis line: 'Pray away the gray.' That's what I thought it was." Long pause.

We're not sure whether Bachmann was serious or making a joke to neutralize the subject. Either way, she stumbled on the subject and it was weird! Watch here:

h/t The Hill

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