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Obama WH finally gets serious about cutting spending


In fact, they are so super serious, the White House is now buying its office supplies in bulk:

The same week President Obama will unveil his proposal to cut the national deficit, his White House will begin its own efficiency efforts -- starting with office supplies.

Hoping to trim $600 million in the next four years, several federal agencies and departments will start pooling their purchases of office printers, copiers, and scanners, administration officials told The Washington Post. Starting this week, the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, and Treasury, as well as the Social Security Administration, are slated to begin buying these items in bulk from 11 firms. The supplier list includes both larger companies like Canon and Lexmark, and some smaller, veteran- or minority-owned suppliers, The Post reports.

I love frugality, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking this is actually cutting anything.  The truth is that these "cost-cutting" measures should've been implemented a long time ago -- it's not really saving money, it's just wasting less.

What's next -- a coupon czar?

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