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Does your pet need a facelift or augmentation?


Do your dog's ears hang low? Do his jowls wobble to and fro, causing drool to drip around your home? Well now there's a solution: cosmetic surgery.

According to Technorati, pet owners are selecting surgery for furry friends for more than just health reasons:

Often, the cosmetic surgeons claim they’re just fulfilling “consumer demand.” Others suggest that pet owners who consider their cats and dogs as family members, point out that such emotional bonds include the spending of “human-level” money on keeping them looking good.

Examples of pet surgery include liposuction, facelifts, nose enhancements and even... testicle implants.  ABC News reports that neutered dogs can get prothetic testicals to "preserve his family pride." A pair of "neuticles" can cost between $369 to $449 -- and that's just for the implants themselves, not the procedure. Pet surgeries can cost thousands.

Sometimes a facelift might help a wrinkly dog to see (as in the photos below from the Daily Mail) or a nose job could improve breathing. Whatever the case -- for beauty or health reasons -- surgeries like this are on the rise, according to the Telegraph.

Here are a few more before and after photos of pet plastic surgery:

The Humane Society labels some of these more elective surgeries as "convenience surgeries":

The most severe of these procedures are those done to compensate for lack of proper training of the pet such as the “devocalization” of dogs who bark excessively, and the declawing of cats that aren’t properly trained to prevent the scratching of furniture.

The AKC will also discount animals from competitions if they find out they've had cosmetic surgery.

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