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Racist Cupcakes? Berkeley Leftists Blow Gasket over Affirmative Action Bake Sale


Even the campus Communists came out.

The highly anticipated "Increase Diversity Bake Sale" organized by U.C. Berkeley College Republicans finally took place on Tuesday -- and with explosive results.

The bake sale, which based its price structure on race -- higher pricing for white and Asian students, lower pricing for black, Hispanic and female students -- was intended to expose the hypocrisy of proponents of CA Senate Bills 185 and 387, that seek to re-introduce Affirmative Action by allowing the university system to base student admissions on ethnicity.

The pricing structure was as follows:

$2.00 for White/Caucasian

$1.50 for Asian/Asian American

$1.00 for Latino/Hispanic

$.0.75 for Black/African American

$0.25 for Native American

$.025 off for all Women

Last week The Blaze explained the College Republicans' intent:

“Just like the CA Senate Bills 185 and 387 the phone bank supports, we will be considering race, gender, ethnicity, national/geographic origin and other relevant factors to ensure the equitable distribution of baked goods to our diverse student body,” the College Republicans wrote in a Facebook announcement publicizing the event, set for Tuesday. “Hope to see you all there! If you don’t come, you’re a racist!”

Well, come they did -- and in droves. Angry ones.

The obviously satirical bake sale was meant to make people take note of how racist the cupcake prices were, to which the College Republicans would reply, "that's our point, it's the same as SB 185 and 387!"

Berkeley leftists, perhaps too conveniently, failed to make the same association however, and instead descended on the bake sale en masse -- and in a blind rage.

According to blogger Zombie, who attended the event, the arguments, hostility and cries of "racism" from Affirmative Action advocates flew:

To everyone’s amazement, the College Republicans did not back down, despite massive condemnation from the ASUC (the student government) and worldwide accusations of racism being hurled at them. In fact, they held their own in the arguments pretty well, because practically every single opponent fell face first into the simple logical trap the Republicans had set: If you think the pricing scheme is “racist,” because it discriminates according to ethnicity, then you must also think that Affirmative Action is racist, since it does exactly the same thing!

Even the Campus Communists came out in a show of solidarity to protest the bake sale.

For more on this outrageous story and to view additional photos of the debacle, please visit Zombie's blog.

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