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Radical Cleric Who Called for Murder of ‘Every Zionist Who Enters Egypt’ Lived & Lectured in America


...he has lectured at a local, Islamic elementary school

Remember Dr. Salah Sultan, the radical cleric and Muslim Brotherhood member who, on al-Jazeera, recently called for the murder of “every Zionist who enters Egypt?”

As horrifying as his original comments were, some other details may be even more surprising. Sultan, who has radical ties to Islamist figures across the globe, recently resided in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to living in the U.S., he has also allegedly lectured at a local, Islamic elementary school (Sunrise Academy) and purportedly still has family living in the house he owns here in America.

Since leaving the U.S., he has relocated to Bahrain. His application for U.S. citizenship, of course, has been denied (he appeared at a Hamas rally in Turkey and has made comments overseas that lay blame for 9/11 on the U.S. government). While he initially scheduled an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network,

Below, watch a CBN report that delves deeply into his connections here in America.

Patrick Poole, who says that Sultan lived in his community and who has sounded the alarm on his antics in the past, has more:

...Prior to Sultan being denied U.S. citizenship and later being denied reentry into the United States because of his advocacy of violence against the U.S., he lived in my own hometown of Hilliard, Ohio, not a mile from my own house. In fact, he still owns his home and some of his family still reside here. His oldest son, Mohamed, is the president of the Ohio State Muslim Student Association.

Below, watch Sultan's most recent comments calling for any and all "Zionists" who enter Egypt to be killed:

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