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Starbucks Loses a Customer After a Nasty Message on Her Cup


"It says B****, my name is not b****, it's Vicki,"

Talk about bad customer service.

Vicki Reveron had been a loyal Starbucks customer but now, no matter how many free vouchers they giver her, she's not coming back. Why? The reason for her outrage is in plain sight on her grande carmel frappucino reports WABC 7:

To organize ordered drinks with their correct customers, Starbucks writes the intended coffee drinker's name on the side of the cup. On the side of Reveron's cup a few weeks ago the wrong name was written, and it does not appear to be an accident.

"It says B****, my name is not b****, it's Vicki," Reveron said to WABC 7.

Reveron told WABC 7 the message was written on the cup after she thought she had made light with a Starbucks employee following a mistake made in taking her order. After realizing the written offense, Reveron stormed back to the store complained to the manager.

"Vicki says she got her cup back and her vouchers and when she turned around to walk out, a female employee allegedly said, 'Some people will do anything to get a free cup of coffee.' 'Yeah, and everyone started to laugh, and I felt humiliated at that point,'Reveron said."

A spokesman for Starbucks said to WABC "We have apologized numerous times for this unfortunate misunderstanding."

To add insult to injury, the store manager appears to still find the whole situation hysterical, laughing about it while speaking with WABC 7.

Apologies are too late for Reveron, who has chosen to get her java fix somewhere else from now on.

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