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Why Did Glenn Change His Mind on Chris Christie in a Matter of Hours?


"You hear what he said?"

The political news dominating the headlines on Tuesday and Wednesday hasn't been about a candidate. In fact, it's been about a non-candidate: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. That's because he gave a fiery speech at the Reagan Library on Tuesday night where he blasted Obama but also signaled he would not run for president. It's been a common theme for about a year -- the rumors build that he's running, and he dashes them.

So on Wednesday morning after hearing the latest news, Glenn Beck had enough. At least for a little bit. See, initially he was upset with Christie and his response, but by the end of the show he changed his mind. Here's why.

“I'm tired of Chris Christie. I’m tired of this game of Chris Christie, I am," Beck said at first. "He says he’s not in. Great, let’s take the man at his word. I quite honestly cannot figure out why he’s not in. I don’t know if he has something to hide. I don’t believe this bullcrap that he’s not qualified.

“I think it is a political calculation here that maybe he thinks Obama is unbeatable. Maybe he’s got something in his closet. I don’t know. But the country is on fire, the country is not going to survive this president one more term. It won’t survive this president one more term.”

He added: "I'm done with him. Explain yourself, sir."

But after listening to more complete audio posted on The Blaze, Beck picked up on something that satisfied his desire for a better explanation. What was it?

"You hear what he said? He didn’t feel called," Beck explained. "That is an extraordinarily important thing. That is one of the only things that I would accept and leave it alone.”

“If Chris Christie doesn’t feel called now, it means that there’s something else that he’s supposed to do. I don’t know what it is. And it might be something that none of us ever see. But it is important. We’ve all been sent with a task. We’re all supposed to do that task. I hope he’s living his life in such a way that he can hear it and be clear because many of us won’t be clear enough and we will miss our task. And somebody else will do it, but it was your job. It was your job."

You can watch Beck's initial response here. His follow-up is posted below:

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