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Michelle Obama's campaign discipline


Just like last time, Michelle Obama is out in front campaigning for her husband. Except this time she's playing it safe. The Associated Press reports:

At the podium the first lady is both poised and cautious. She often speaks from a teleprompter and relies heavily on her stump speech, addressing largely sympathetic audiences at closed fundraisers. "My motto is: Do no harm," she joked to reporters when asked about her political role.

That's about right. In '08 there were a few times she caught heavy heat for comments she made on the campaign trail. Such as her "for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country" comment. And when she said "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."

It looks like this election we'll see a much more teleprompter-centric Michelle.

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