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‘Racist’ Cupcake Furor: Beck Tells Conservative Berkeley Student ‘I Love You’ During Skype Interview


"Look at the power you have with a cupcake."

Yesterday, Glenn Beck hosted Shawn Lewis, president of Berkeley's College Republicans, on GBTV via Skype to talk about the ruckus he and the group has caused on UC Berkeley's campus with its diversity bake sale.

The "Increase Diversity Bake Sale," according to an earlier Blaze article, is meant to satirize a bill that would allow the university to consider ethnicity on admissions. Cupcakes were sold on a scaled pricing system according to race, which quickly spurred protests over being "racist." To which Lewis responded, "you're right, and that's the point."

On the show, Beck was so overwhelmed by bake sale genius, he hugged the screen and told Lewis "I think I love you. I think you are one of the greatest men ever to live."


Lewis said the student government even called an emergency senate session where they discussed defunding the group for "creating an uncomfortable college climate." But he's not discouraged by this. He knows his rights and says that if it weren't for the extreme outrage, the bake sale would have gone largely unnoticed.

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