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Thursday evening must-reads


Behind Buffett's lies: Who's paying taxes in America?

Employers slammed with unemployment taxes

Joe Biden: No more blaming Bush

The Obama Enemies List — Are you next?

Poster children for ObamaCare model won't participate in model program

Court overturns ban on firearms at Oregon universities

Gun sales go up, gun crime rates go down

Jonah Goldberg: Obama = Ron Burgundy

John Paul Stevens regrets SCOTUS death penalty decision

Unpaid interns sue movie studio for being... unpaid

Jon Huntsman digs in for New Hampshire showdown

Mitt Romney quotes Keynes

Newt Gingrich unveils 21st century Contract for America

Rick Santorum pounces on the the frontrunners

Political insiders see Florida primary as turning point of GOP race

PETA says human shark bite victims "have it coming"

Bill Whittle: Why do liberals all want to ban things they don't even care about?

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