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Shut Up and Sit Down!': Fed-Up Teacher Gives Rousing Speech to Stop Classroom Brawl


"This ain't no Crips, Bloods kind of nonsense."

We're not sure where or when this happened, but we do know that it has us captivated.

The video below shows two students (who appear to be in a high school classroom) escalate a conversation into a standoff. As they get out of their seats, they stand and face each other, just moments away from what appears to be an all-out brawl. The tension is high. And that's when the teacher steps in with a rousing, firm, and passionate speech:

"You boys are pissing me off! Hey! Hey! ... Both of y'all, listen. Quit sellin' out of my house, Anthony. [Turning to the other student he says] Shut up and sit down, before I make change out of you and you! If you don't take that mess over there right now -- right now! It's not like you're going to push through me to get to him. You ain't! So take it over there if you can't squash it like gentlemen and get out of his face -- and get out of mine, get over there. Take it, Anthony.

"Now, if you can't squash it, do that off campus. Y'all don't do that in here. Whoever made you believe you could, we could squash this right now. ... Anybody else? Trust me, we could take it to the grass. Trust me. It's been that type of Tuesday. You're too young, your life is too short for y'all to be sellin' out with that kind of nonsense. This ain't no Crips, Bloods kind of nonsense. ... You can't talk it out, then get out. "

Wow. You can watch it all unfold below:

If you have any information about the video, feel free to let us know.

(H/T: Gawker)

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