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Hear Rush Limbaugh Blast Michelle Obama's Target Trip


"a phony baloney plastic banana good time rock-and-roller optic photo op."

First lady Michelle Obama picked up a few essentials from a local Washington, D.C.-area Target on Thursday. Radio host Rush Limbaugh didn't buy it. (AP Photo/Charlie Dharapak)

What did you think of first lady Michelle Obama's "everywoman" shopping run to Target last week? Turns out Rush Limbaugh didn't think too highly of it.

The radio host excoriated the trip in which Obama, clad in a baseball hat and sunglasses with a troop of Secret Service agents in tow, picked up a few items from the superstore.

"It has gotten so bad they had to send Moochelle out there in a Lady Gaga-type getup," Limbaugh said on his program Friday. "What a phony baloney plastic banana good time rock-and-roller optic photo op this was!"

Limbaugh concluded the White House must have tipped off the Associated Press, who happened to snap a photo of the first lady pushing her shopping cart.

"You think the AP has photographers waiting outside stores for Moochelle to show up?" he asked. "Who do you think we are?"

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, an AP spokesman essentially confirmed their photographer had received a tip.

“Charlie Dharapak is a well-wired AP White House photographer with good sources," he said.

Limbaugh also took issue with the items in Obama's cart -- specifically a bottle of Lysol disinfectant.

"They really need to send the first lady to Target for Lysol for the White House?" he asked. "We're actually supposed to believe that she's out there buying Lysol?"

Limbaugh noted then-Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was accused of "cheap opportunism" for dropping into a Walmart to shop during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Listen to the audio below, via RightVid:

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