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Did Christie throw his weight around in traffic court?


Should Chris Christie decide to jump in the presidential race, there might be some political skeletons in his closet he'll have to answer for, but also some other dirty bits. Among them, traffic violations he wiggled out of, possibly by using his political status.

From Talking Points Memo:

According to a police report, Christie drove the wrong way down a one-way street in 2002 and hit a motorcyclist, who was taken to a hospital. But Christie, who told officers on the scene that he was a US Attorney and had his car towed by the police, was not ticketed for the incident. The motorcyclist later filed a civil suit against Christie that was dismissed, a legal case Christie told reporters in 2009 that he couldn’t recall ever happening. In a separate incident in 2005, Christie was ticketed for three violations by a traffic officer and reportedly also mentioned he was a US Attorney while arguing over the violations.
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