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GE Brings Government’s New Food Guidelines to Your…Microwave?


“Our to give consumers an easy way to choose and tastefully cook foods that are healthier for them..."

It's getting harder and harder to ignore the government's new food guidelines. Case in point: appliance giant General Electric (GE) has introduced new microwaves that have a "" button "to help create healthy meals," according to Business Wire.

The change took place in September for 1.9 and 2.1 capacity over-the-range microwaves, and GE is advertising the new appliances on its website. The button allows consumers to easily cook foods found in the government's new dietary guidelines, which is now visualized using a plate instead of the classic food pyramid. The GE website simply says, "5 food groups, 19 foods and 44 pre-programmed food combinations assist in healthy meal preparation."

Business Wire explains how it works:

For example, consumers can use GE’s MyPlate feature to select a preset for cooking specific vegetables, such as fresh asparagus, frozen green beans, or numerous other options in each USDA MyPlate category fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

GE even has a video to help visualize the new feature:

“Our goal with the MyPlate feature is to give consumers an easy way to choose and tastefully cook foods that are healthier for them, using graphics and instructions that are easy to understand,” Susan Gregory, product manager for GE microwaves, told Business Wire. “Providing quality cooked food for a wide range of items is a huge part of the MyPlate feature.”

According to Business Wire, GE "worked closely with the USDA to ensure the MyPlate feature in their cooking products is in step with dietary recommendations." But that may not be surprising. GE has long had a cozy relationship with the Obama administration. GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, for example, is the president of Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

In the past, GE has received a greenhouse gas exemption and Citizens for Tax Justice points out the company pays some of the lowest taxes.

For some, that might just push their buttons.

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