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This Is Glenn Beck’s Passionate Defense of Hank Williams Jr.


"They're opposites golfing!"

There's been quite the controversy brewing over what Hank Williams Jr. said on Fox on Monday. And now Glenn Beck is weighing in. And he's not happy.

As we covered yesterday, Williams caused quite the kerfuffle when he mentioned "Hitler" while describing why he thought it was odd that Republican House Speaker John Boehner had golfed with Barack Obama. According to him (video here), "It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu, OK?"

That led Fox to immediately denounce his comments, others to immediately accuse him of comparing Obama to Hitler, and ESPN to yank his famous "Monday Night Football" jingle. And now it's led to Beck lashing out at those who lashed out at Williams. Why? Because, as Beck explains, Williams wasn't making a comparison, he was using an analogy to describe how odd the idea of Boehner and Obama playing is.

In typical Beck fashion, he used a heavy dose of comedy and satire to criticize ESPN and Williams's critics. Case in point? He banned his own opening song for the much more sublime, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree."

"I would just like to say, for anyone who's ever taken the SAT...anyone who's ever taken a test in school, knows exactly what an analogy is," Beck said. "And he's not comparing Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama here. He's not. He's not. That's not what that means and anybody who has any kind of education-- my grandfather would have been able to spot this and he finished the fourth grade."

After listening to the audio again, Beck got passionate:

"Now what does that mean, exactly? They're opposites golfing! Hitler would not golf with Netanyahu, and Netanyahu wouldn't have golfed with Hitler. Why? Because they're polar opposites! So what he's saying here is, Boehner was supposed to be a polar opposite to Barack Obama, but they get together to play golf. Which makes total sense because that's why he says he's not for any of the GOP, because they've betrayed, they're not polar opposites, that's what he's saying here. But no, the geniuses at ABC [which owns ESPN] decide they're going to pull the 'Monday Night Football' theme because apparently you can't say 'Hitler.' ... I thought we got over that in the 1960s!"

And then he went on to play "Springtime for Hitler and Germany" from the Mel Brooks classic musical, "The Producers."

"There's not a single adult in the media anymore," he concluded.

You can watch the segment below:


Radio legend Don Imus said (via Mediaite) Tuesday he thought "Fox and Friends" was "throwing [Williams] right under the bus:"

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