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Ed Schultz Cuts Off Interview After Heated Exchange With MSNBC Colleague


"I’m not going to be interrupted"

Immediately following the president's hour-plus long press conference Thursday, MSNBC commentators began parsing what Obama had to say. And they didn't all agree. For example, Dylan Ratigan was quite critical of the president while Ed Schultz thought it was a "home run." And as many know, there's no better TV than watching Ed Schultz get fired up. He did. So much so that he ended up cutting the segment short.

Mediaite explains the blow-by-blow:

Responding to Ratigan’s framing of the American Jobs Act as a dud for both sides, Schultz tried to explain that “you can’t do this overnight.”

When Ratigan tried to interrupt, Schultz was having none of it. Ratigan protested, “but I want to address…” to which Schultz replied, “I don’t care what you want to address, I didn’t interrupt you!”

Ratigan apologized, and a piqued Schultz paused, and before continuing, asked, “Do I have the floor?”


Ratigan, again, cut in. “Ed, did you hear what I just said?”

Schultz replied, “I gotta go back and do my radio show, I’m not going to be interrupted by Dylan,” and ended his participation in the segment.

Town Hall has the video:

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