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Gingrich gives advice to debate moderators


Newt Gingrich has gone after presidential debate moderators for supposed "gotcha" questions, trying to stir up "infighting" among Republicans and for framing questions in a way he doesn't like.

In preparation for the next debate, we asked him at the "Values Voter Summit" in Washington, D.C, on Friday to offer advice to the next round of moderators. "Ask bigger questions and have more time for each candidate to answer," he told THE BLAZE.

He's passionate about the "more time" part. In his speech at the Summit, he said the solutions he has to offer are “more complicated” than the current “game show version of a presidential debate” allows.

The last time Gingrich threw down with a moderator, it was Fox News' Megyn Kelly. We asked him about that awkward incident. "It wasn't her fault but the way she set the question up, it was impossible to achieve anything," he said.

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