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Monday morning must-reads


Happy Columbus Day!

Russia had 30 czars -- Obama has 45

Occupy Wall Street protesters steal from local businesses

Occupy Fleet Week: Military patrols San Francisco looking for terrorists and hippies

Shameful: Code Pink protests wounded warriors participating in Army race

Awlaki may be gone, but his radical American mosque lives on

Rahm Emanuel: A new stimulus will "reinvent" America's economy

Is Obama's "recovery" actually worse than the recession itself?

A Solyndra economy: Obama and the reality of politicized investing

Rick Perry touches the real third rail of politics: barbeque

Herman Cain: It's notracism that's holding blacks back

A 2nd Obama term = United States of California

Obama's 2008 coalition crumbles

Finally: Remy writes an Occupy Wall Street anthem (language warning)

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Actor Jeremy Renner seriously injured in snowplow accident

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