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Want to See a Conservative, Former SNL Cast Member Grill Occupy Protesters?


"So you don't think Obama is stirring up racial and class warfare and its straight out of Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinsky?"

When you read that Victoria Jackson went down to the Occupy Wall St. in New York City, you might wonder, who is that? But when you hear her voice, you will undoubtedly know who she is, even if you don't know, well, who she is.

Jackson is the high-pitch-voiced former cast member of "Saturday Night Live." She's also a conservative, who once recorded the viral hit "There's a Communist Living in the White House." Now she's at it again with another viral video.

In it, she interviews Occupy protesters while also trying to teach them (pseudo-Socratically) about Marxism, communism, and socialism. She even hands out a Jesus tract to her cab driver. She's fearless, and isn't afraid to ask plenty of questions. It's quite the video -- one that is best watched, not explained. Still, she's not getting the best reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter notes:

Jackson’s 15-minute video starts off with some comments that many may find offensive, and give a preview for what’s to come in the rest of the video.

As she drives by the New York City skyline, she points out that the Twin Towers aren’t there anymore because "some Muslims flew into" them.

HuffPo explains it like this:

Once Jackson got down to the protests, she began interviewing both the protesters and those that happened to be passing by. She began by asking what they were protesting, then seizing on their responses. She often brought up President Obama's connection to GE, calling him a Marxist and socialist.

"Right now, 50% of people pay taxes and 50% do not. So if everyone gets free stuff who is going to pay for it?" she asked one protester, who said the government "should end the wars and tax the super rich" to end the deficit. Her response? "Class warfare is Marxist."

Continuing her argument with the same protester, she said, "If you want everyone to be equal, how are you going to make them equal in good looks and smart brains? Everyone's not created equal." She later called Van Jones a communist, and then said, "So you don't think Obama is stirring up racial and class warfare and its straight out of Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinsky?"

The Wrap writes:

With a religious tract in her hand and who knows what coursing though her veins, Jackson brought her version of the truth to the people -- namely, that they're making the Man Upstairs pretty upset with their anti-corporatist shenanigans.

"Jesus said a man should work for his living, not get a hand-out," Jackson opines in the video.

Also, President Obama's a Marxist -- who's also in bed with GE and the rest of our corporate overlords. And he's a total  racist too.

Confused? You're not the only one

And Entertainment Weekly has some of the questions she asked:

She basically ended up speaking with one bespectacled protestor. Here are just a few of her questions, presented verbatim:

1. “Don’t the rich people — aren’t they the ones that create all the jobs? Poor people don’t create jobs.”

2. “So you’re not concerned that [Obama] is a Marxist?”

3. “So if socialism is so good, why does everyone around the world come to our country?”

4. ”So right now 50 percent of Americans pay taxes, and 50 percent do not. So if everyone gets free stuff, who’s going to pay for it?”

5. “Okay, you want to everyone to be equal? How are you going make everyone equal in good looks and smart brains? Everyone’s not created equal.”

I mean, regardless of your politics, that’s just some solid comedy, right?

So now you know what some are saying about, and now it's time for you to see it and decide for yourself:

What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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