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Is Cross-Dressing Banditry Taking the Crime World by Storm?


"plus-sized transvestites"

Perhaps we're reading a bit too much into some recent crimes that have been committed by men in drag, but it seems like cross-dressing banditry is on the rise.

Manhattan, New York City, is the latest community to be "terrorized" by con men in dresses. According to the NYPD, on Thursday, two guys wearing women's clothing and wigs, robbed a high-end store. The New York Post describes the incident as follows:

Two plus-sized transvestites shoplifted...from a boutique on the Lower East Side Thursday, despite having the full attention of the gawking shop staff.

One...was dressed in a bright orange argyle sweater, with huge glasses and a silver wig.

“Almost like a Halloween costume,” said designer Ashley Turen, who owns the A. Turen store at 85 Stanton St.

Below, watch security footage of the incident:

Police claim that the bandits are black, weighing in at about 200 pounds. One is described as 5'8'' and the other is 6'2' or 6'3''.

Some say that the men have been targeting stores and restaurants in Manhattan for some time now. In the latest instance, they stole a Chanel backpack and a Chanel purse -- each with a $3,000 value.

This report mirrors another incident in Orlando that the Blaze reported on last month in which a number of men dressed up in drag and allegedly stole thousands of dollars in fabric, sequins and accessories from a number of venders in the area.

A new pattern of criminal behavior? We shall see.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)

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